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Release date: 2016-03-10 15:10:36  

Newdoone Science &Technology co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the 'Newdoone') is a high-tech enterprise(Stock code:002512),with the market value of twenty-three billion. It provides networking solutions and business services, mainly related to communications, finance, education, agriculture, transportation, e-commerce, smart city, enterprise information, and other industries and fields; It has business throughout the country and Southeast Asia area.


FUJIAN NEWDO PAY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD(hereinafter referred to as the 'NEWDO PAY')is a company located at the Fuzhou free trade zone,  invested by the parent company Newdoone. NEWDO PAY provides innovative internet solutions (IFS) and its goal is to create  Internet Financial inclusive value (IoV). Internet+Finance"  solutions and operation service is the main business; and the company provides infrastructure, platforms, applications and services to its financial consumers, financial institutions,work fund, majority of Internet financial practitioners or team and application developer and system integration partner.

Fujian Newdoone Finance Leasing Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Finance Lease") is invested by the NEWEAST NETWORK INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD (REGISTERED PLACE :SINGAPORE). At this stage the company mainly involves in the communications industry, the automotive industry, medical equipment and other industries. The company will continue to expand in areas of engineering machinery, water, electricity, environmental protection, commercial property, second-hand car, machinery manufacturing, new energy, textile, printing, FMCG goods and other industries. The company will operate mainly by direct lease, supplemented with a combination with vendor leasing and sale leaseback to carry out its business.


A new "strategic layout of the Newdoone ‘ Internet + finance’

The company will focus on developing financial innovation project, Internet + financial leasing, third party payment, small loans, foreign funds, settlement and some other aspects.

The business system framework of the company is a new "Internet +" aggregate financial platform framework of 1+3+N business model, namely the financial market infrastructure of a distributed, three core business and service platform, multi industry application framework for 1+3. Using a distributed "Internet+ financial“ market infrastructure as support, three core business " -  currency exchange settlement aggregation platform service (DoonePay-RSPaaS), financial services (DoonePay-FTPaaS) business trading platform, wealth management platform service (DoonePay-AAPaaS) – are the core of the business.

 Build upon the 1 + 3 multi industry application, the lifestyle applications such as salons, television, meat food traceability, tourism business, agriculture, electricity and etc., breakthrough the walls of the group. The goal of these lifestyle applications is to ultimately achieve interoperability and cross-border integration. The applications aim to break through the boundaries of original industry, profession and market, and to promote the multi-dimensional integration of new industrial chain or ecological chain organization form; ultimately to combine the information flow, the logistic flow, and the capital flow.


Newdoone ‘INTERNET+’ development planning of ecological system

I) Establish innovative “Internet + Finance” ecosystem, get through domestic foreign exchange and exchange channel

First, provide tracking of the entire flow from the source to the consumer market, "one card in hand, have it all " new city ecological system, multi platform unified interface alone operation convenient pay new ecological tv;

Second, accelerate the promotion of card, payment acquiring business, including mobile POS, online acquiring, creating online prepaid card management system,

Third, expand the third party partners, and the transformation of business intelligence reform implementation of the industry line solutions, enrich the innovative Internet financial ecological environment;

Fourth, create a guest space online - innovative Internet Financial entrepreneurs incubator

Fifth, create an open platform for developers / integrators to provide application access services, application and development of the mall to promote the test platform

Sixth, build the offline startup base - to provide business environment to the financial innovation Internet entrepreneurs and integrated development partners

Seventh, explore the "public" model of the third party development resources and innovative Internet financial potential practitioners (such as colleges and universities, etc.)

Eighth, establish and improve the comprehensive sharing, exchange, communication, and coordination mechanisms, such as strengthening the policy advisory, or the construction of the risk control advisory group.

(II)build the offline startup base; build the online open space and open platform. Let more entrepreneurs and developers provide access to the service integrators, crowdsourcing potential partners to explore cooperation mode and the third party development resources and innovative "Internet + finance", sound financial mechanism, intelligent transformation of the financial system, to complete the "Internet + financial innovation makes easy to use" short-term goals and "vigorously promote the innovative Internet financial services innovation, the depth and breadth of" long-term goal.

(III)Company will realize and other economic activities of enterprise symbiotic fusion, sharing resource users and the Internet cloud platform, big data, marketing channel and user terminal resources, enhance user stickiness and comprehensive competitive strength, the formation of information flow, logistics, capital flow and other multi stream integrated a new format, in a large extent to promote the financial return to the real economic activity. At the same time, the traditional financial industry division, separate operation will be a breakthrough, the financial management will be the inherent requirements of the enterprise group. Ultimately, the company will achieve network payment, network platform (financial products distribution and trading platform), network information management (wealth management, large capital management) of the symbiotic financial ecology.

Many government leaders inspected,  offers adcice to the development of the newdooone innovative ‘Internet+Finance ‘

After the completion of the Free Trade Zone, Fujian provincial Party committee secretary You Quan, vice governor Liang Jianyong and Fuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Yangyue, Mayor Yang Yimin came to vist the Newdoone Internet financial operations center in the Cangshan Free Trade Zone. As the cross-strait cooperation in financial innovation pilot project, Cangshan FTA research Xindong network Internet banking operations center also ushered in the Ningxia delegation. Our aim is to promote the  innovation mode and payment services towards more provinces and regions.

Fujian provincial Party committee secretary (Sencon from right)You Quan come for inspection 

Vice governor of Fujian province Liang Jianyong(First from left)come for inspection

Fuzhou municipal Party committee secretary Yangyue(second from left)come for inspection  

Fuzhou Mayor(second from left)come for inspection


Future, build strategic ecosystem with the strength of the brand NEW DOONE

Follow the guidance of the State Council on promoting "Internet +" action, NEWDOONE  looking for a breakthrough in the 11 key areas of entrepreneurial innovation, collaborative manufacturing, modern agriculture, energy, wisdom, Yimin inclusive financial service and efficient logistics, e-commerce, convenient transportation, green ecology, artificial intelligence, strength of financial institutions, making the role set development fund, integrators, entrepreneurs and consumers, to create "ecological system Internet +".

"Internet +" unknown than known, the future is boundless imagination. In the face of the complex pattern of innovation brings, is the most effective action and courage. Let us face the future, the vast world has much to offer in the innovative "Internet + finance" in the long battle horn sounded, the flow, the bigger and stronger new payment business substance content, go all out to complete the payment in innovative new Internet + financial field mission, strategic intention to build the ecosystem of the parent company spare no effort to build "new, pay financial brand.


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